SMARTFIL SUPPORT – The alternative to all support filaments

From the team of SMART MATERIALS 3D we are pleased to announce that we have for sale our new filament: SMARTFIL SUPPORT.
The characteristics of this new filament are: HIPS specially designed and improved to be used as support material. Contractions eliminated in limonene dissolves much faster and it is compatible with a wide variety of materials. What are its main features? -Temperature 220/240 °. -Thermal bed 50/100 °. -High resolution. -It dissolves in Limonene faster. -Without warping. -Compatible with more materials than HIPS or PVA.
What are its main advantages? With respect to PVA -Cheaper. -Compatible with a wide range of materials (Not only PLA). -Not affected by humidity, so it does not lose its properties. Compared to a normal HIPS -Compatible with a wide range of materials (ABS not only). -Contracciones And warping eliminated. -It dissolves 3 times faster than other support materials. -High resolution -Higher printing speed- As you know the SMART MATERIALS 3D team is happy to answer any questions that you might have.

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